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smile, arianne.

Story: —-
Status: Complete
Words: 22834
Reviews: 177 =D
Hits: 67376
C2S: 30
Favorites: 121 =D
Alerts: 192

although i know i’m still highly incompetent as a writer (because i don’t really care much about grammar), those statistical entries cheered me up. 🙂
C2S stands for communities, it means that there are 30 communites who included my story in their archives. 121 Favorites! i couldn’t get anymore happier! 121 registered users faved my story! my crappy 90% grammatically incorrect fanfiction!! hehe. alerts… hmmm… actually it’s just a tool to remind a reader if i have already updated my story… but since it’s already complete… an alert isn’t needed anymore. but still… that’s 192 people waiting for an update… (blah. those are just from the previous chapters. whatever. and they just forgot to cancel it)

oh, i’m not fishing for compliments. =( i’m just happy of the stats but if you ask me personally, i don’t like the way i wrote the piece. my beta hasn’t returned the proofread version of my story yet.. kaya yun. =) hmmmm… compared to other stories of course mine is plain crap. but that’s the best stat i’ve achieved so far. and i’m glaaaaad.

hehe. from now on…
i won’t be plugging my ff.net account anywhere… i’ll just leave it alone.
the main reason would be is that i want me as an author to be separated from me as arianne. 🙂 and besides… most people don’t like what i do.

fyi, i write gay stories.

and you don’t know much i hate being stereotyped with that.