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let it flow

i’m inspired to write again. this time i have more confidence with my story because i’ve shared it with a quite a lot of people already… of course being cautious that it won’t get stolen…and they liked it. they like the crazy plot. the whole romantic thing.

i personally think it’s going to be a good movie.
but then i haven’t written it down. lol
originally, i want it to be harry-draco, but then i decided to make it an all-original story because i don’t want to credit JK Rowling anymore for lending me her characters. >_>

now i want my own laptop. lol.
when i went to trinoma last sunday i saw a new release from Compaq, it’s Compaq Presario V3431TU and it roughly amounts to 50,000. hehehe, i find it reasonable for a new release. and besides, it’s compaq. 🙂 i want my own laptop. huhuhuhu

i badly want to write!!!!!
but i need inspiration. i need to read more of Paulo Coehlo! i like his writing style because it’s full of imagery and thought-provoking proverbs.

i want to write.
yeah. =]