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a coward's way

thank you for reminding me.
i am now adding a new label for my posts… welcome to my new set of ‘hate-list’ entries.

seriously, i think i grew ‘better’ (less hateful) this year. i don’t hate a lot of people. maybe because i’m already in college and maybe because all the hateful people in my life crowded during my highschool years.

not that you noticed.
i’m not really verbal when it comes to expressing my negative emotions, hence most of my highschool drama gets stacked up in this blog.

but please, just for this moment… allow me to revive a long lost tradition in this blog.

The Hate-List

an introduction: according to a personality test i took years ago, i am 38% evil. not so evil, i know but it doesn’t restrict me from hating people and plotting for their deaths. i am naturally good, just like everyone else, but i must admit there are times when i let my negative emotions overpower me… and whenever that happens i look for the best outlet i could have to vent out my feelings and i couldn’t think of a better place other than this blog.

so there… with that, i am opening an all new version (ALL NEW PEOPLE! HURRAY!) of my HATE-LIST. it’s going to be a label too so do check out my label cloud on the nav bar.

i know it’s bad. i know i’m bad. but this is just my way of venting things out. i know most of you hate what i’m doing, but at least i do no physical harm to the unfortunate tramp who will be BLIND-ITEM(ed) within the succeeding entries of this tag. ok, so you read that… i don’t point names out… i keep their darned names to myself and give them a nick whenever i mention them here.

what will happen to those who are in the hate-list?

uhhh… nothing really. just eternal damnation and imaginary persecution from this blog’s rightful owner…

i mean, even if it’s YOU, you wouldn’t recognize right ahead… unless you’re SMART! and i know a lot of smart people.. *ehem* *ehem* uhmm…

lol. i just thought of adding up that label but truthfully, i’m not hating anyone in particular right now.

hehe, you wait…
because it takes a long time to get into my nerves, really.