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don't dream it's over

i believe you don’t have to be one hell of a genius to get through life unaharmed. it’s not about the amount of time you alloted for study that determines your future. but then, failing grades won’t lead you anywhere.. aside from the stinking pit of self-humiliation. >_>

i’m not studying again.
wait, something happened. yesterday, my sister -terai- got sick again. >_> so what am i to do? being her beriberiguditushus sister, i role played as mommy! i got her paracetamol and i do what my mommy used to do. i wipe her with wet labakara all over. man, it was crazy. i was crazy! her temperature is 38-point-something and it’s freakin midnight!! but i just enjoyed the moment… yeah yeah. i slept 2am already.

man, the things i do for love.

i woke up at 4am to give her medicine then went back to sleep. i woke up around 830 and pulled myself from the bed, in hopes of getting the right motivation to attend my class…. but before that i checked on my sister first.

wtf, her temperature is 40!!!!!

i made her breakfast… lugaw and fish… and immediately brought her to the hospital. she underwent three laboratory tests… a CBC, Tubex test (for typhoid, dengue, etc), and urinalysis. ayon okay naman, xept for the urinalysis.

and because of that, i missed my MATH36 and CHEM32!!!! 🙁

napaka-fulfilling mag-alaga ng maysakit! lalo na pag gumaling sha diba!!

aylabyu terai. pagaling ka! ok lang magskip ng klase… walangya, basta gumaling ka!