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strange disease

i miss that song! hehehe oooooh it’s raining! how’s life? fine fine fine! tomorrow is the start of our reporting. i hope i gave them the right impression awhile ago. kamown! i don’t want them to test my determination!!! i don’t want them to do things like, ‘o ano gagawin mo ba o pupunitin ko tickler mo?’ oh no, but if ever that happens, bahala sila punitin yung tickler ko! basta ayoko! hahahaha…

homaygulay. harry potter is neaaaarrr! kimmy my daughter have me a HP5 poster from Kzone! yehey!!!

i’m changing this layout very very soon! as soon as i go home this weekend pramis!!! 🙂 i’ve found a really great skeleton layout for my next layout. whew. everytime i see my prof’s laptops i get really envious! i feel like i’m not for chem. eng’g! i feel like i’m really destined for computer science!! i’m fascinated with html, css and java! i like doing stuff with the computer! but there’s only one thing holding me back… and that is the huge amount of sweat and braincells i sacrificed taking up my chemistry subjects. and for crying out loud, i’m on my 4th chem already! and it’s just my 2nd semester in the university. why back out? go atoms! wtf.

to those who reviewed my stories in ffnet:
thanks a lot! it’s been more than a year since i last updated and i’m still getting reviews! thank you thank you! i promise to read more to enhance my grammar. i’m losing it, honestly. >_>

my dormmate says it’s abnormal to fancy a celebrity a lot. people say that my ‘love’ for ryan agoncillo is already abonormal. I BEG TO DISAGREE! i don’t even know his birthday!! i only have one picture of him and that’s his promotional pic from penshoppe and it’s not even with me! i’m not his stalker! i’ve never seen him in person! but i do love him, as a fan. 🙂 and as a fan, even though it (kinda) hurts to see he’s already engaged… i must accept that fact because… it gave him more media exposure. hehehe and that’s an advantage… at one point. yeah

he’s also the reason why i spell my name R-yan. 🙂 oh! i have a shirt with my name on the back spelled R-yan! hehehe

another one! our japanese dormmate (ate diane) brought his ITALIAN boyfriend here yesterday! we were like, Fernando Jose is that you???? >_> and he’s so handsome! his name is Mariano…super tall, very mexicanovela material. cebilisimo! (???) and he brought us a box of swiss chocolates. kamown!!! go ate diane! pakasal na kayo! invite us!!!

i’m itching to change this layout. :{