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death gods eat apples

first it started out as a zit. a common teenager problem. then i scratch it. it bleeds. problem is, it’s on my nose. now it looks like a scar. a small dark dot on my nose that threatens to blow up my image. whaaat? i’m so pathetic. you know why? ever since i grew my nails i seem to scratch my skin a lot. like this superwotcher thing on my nose, if i didn’t have long nails i would just leave it alone but since they’ve grown to a normal size, everything unfit that grows on my skins looks scratch-worthy. i hate pimples. everybody thinks i have my period because i don’t normaly have pimples unless ‘it’s near’. >_> yak. hahaha kababawan.

hey. some of our relatives came here today. that’s why i cooked! i cooked 3 trays of spaghetti. kamown. i exhausted myself big time, when i walked out of the kitchen i looked like a criminal coz i’m holding a knife (because i’m chopping garlics) and my shirt is painted red (tomato sauce). but i enjoyed cooking for my family… 🙂 there’s an incomparable bliss in seeing your loved ones enjoy the food you prepared for them. and my little cousins keep on asking more!! aww i’m so flattered.

also, i’m glad i was cooking the time my cousin, ate ning arrived. she used to invite me outside to have some small talk. she just pretty much checks out on me, to see if my point of view has already been distorted when i entered the university, she asks if i’m already joining a sorority, if my grades are ok… blah. BUT the truth is, she just wants to SMOKE. and she just wants a companion. she can’t do it in the house because her husband will stop her. i’m stopping her too! i always remind her smoking is more detrimental to the people around her. and i’m always around her when she smokes. what? are you killing me? so yeah, i’m not gonna go out with her anymore. not if all she’s gonna do is smoke. >_>;