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do not
aba makulit ka

let me count the times i cried this morning… that’s probably gonna sum up to 4x, more or less. fuck. ok, so i’m entering the most crucial part of becoming a member of an organization and by the looks of it, i’m not enjoying it. not even a single bit. sorry, i just have to let this out. but i won’t quit. never. unless we get physical. think of the reward arianne! keep moving forward! don’t cha-cha! whaaat??!

fuck. what’s the main reason of my, uh, shallow outbursts anyway? i didn’t study my tickler. i didn’t memorize anything, i didn’t do a research beforehand on the people i’m going to report to. that’s why. i cried because i’m speechless, i can’t say anything, i can’t answer objective questions. that’s why. ohyeah. but i don’t mind crying, it’s an outlet. >_> oh, and they broke my tickler. fuck. i have to go about the funny stitches again. and it’s not even funny to have your tickler look dugyutin right after you felt proud of finishing it…. at 2am.

if you can relate, fine. if you can’t… leave this entry.

i’m not taking everything seriously, because that’s what they said. ewan, parang mas mahihirapan ako sa objective type of reporting kesa dun sa kinukupal. e kung pagsamahin? patay… >_>

uy ano ba yan, while i was heading home… may mga nakasalubong akong friends. and fuck! you don’t know how much i resisted the urge to open up! yung umiyak lang kasi palpak ako. pero hindi pede e… sikretong malupit! >_>

o dibale, first day palang naman e. whatever talaga, ang hirap magpasked, di ko sila kilala lahat. >_>;

hay hay hay. harry potter, i miss you but i can’t see you right now. maybe after a month. para solo na kita sa sinehan. kung showing ka pa… 🙁

sige sige next time ulit… :}