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i can’t wait for next week! BROADBAND HERE I COME!!! omaygad! daddy, I LOVE YOU BIG TIME!!! lol hehehe. he just applied for a broadband internet connection… actually i prefer wifi or dsl better because you don’t have to install a lot of chorvaness in your house and configure your PC to this or that… but then broadband is fine!! anything faster than 46.6 kbps is definitely fine with me!

mehn. i can’t wait to finish saving for my own laptop. >_>

aw mehn! our lab instructor informed us on our first meeting that the average passing rate of chem32 students every semester is just 30%! dangit!!

and my goal?
OF COURSE I NEED TO BE PART OF THAT 30%!!!! no matter what happens! i need to pass chem32!!!

let’s get ready to rumble!!!!