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i don't wanna miss a thing

wow. i’m really excited for friday to come! yeah! as in! it’s my only motivation in life! especially now that i know i’m gonna rot here in los banos for the next 5 years courting textbook authors and sitting on the front row of my terror professors. most of my dormmates agree that i’m taking a very risky, not to mention ‘suicidal’ workload, because i’m taking 4 hard subjects in one semester. that’s physics 3 (mechanics and heat), chem 32 (quantitative inorganic analysis), chem 40 (basic organic chemistry) and math 36 (mathematical analysis 1 – that’s calculus). i also have two more subjects but i guess they’re not as hard since it’s just LTS1 and speechcom. i dunno, pray for me? i’m scared as hell too! there’s a very high mortality rate in chem32, i might not pass it! and heck we haven’t even started our formal lessons and i’m already tireeeeeddd! 6 fucking laboratory hours! i could just die right there! hehe. ok, i can do this! aja! aja!

hey. jindarat kanchana (my favorite v-league player, remember?) is taking lots of referrer hits to this blog! haha, thanks to google! and to my older blog post where i mentioned her. wow. she’s getting really popular! and it sucks BIG TIME that i can’t watch the finals on NBN because i have classes by then! grrr..

if i evaluate this blog based on search engine trends, the highest search keyword that led people to open this page would be ‘jindarat kanchana’… and i’m sad to say i cannot supply you with information that you’re probably expecting. all you can get from this blog regarding her would be my never ending compliments. why, i like her a lot! i don’t know much about her, really. all i know is that she played for lasalle last year and now she’s playing for ateneo with an injured leg. but then, everybody knows that. >_> i give her my best wishes though!!! keep on rocking the court! XD i’ll always be your number 1 fan! lol

haaay. i still have to study so goodbye for now. 😀

oh, would you believe? i actually met the nerd-of-my-dreams awhile ago! but then he’s not my crush. my god, he’s still in HIGHSCHOOL! hahaha. just like how i imagined, he’s wearing THICK BLACK PLASTIC-RIMMED GLASSES, tall, skinny, cute, his uniform is tucked-in, and his pants are up-high! no braces though, aww. lol. but he’s fine the way he is. though i cannot 100% assure myself that he’s a nerd, geek or some sort of a dork… i’m glad i met someone like him.. for real! i love nerds! and no, i didn’t acquaint with him, i just passed him by the sidewalk. :}