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how to download streaming videos

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🙂 yey! finally!!! to start this off, i’ll define what streaming video is. you watch it on youtube, google video, ifilm, metacafe… blah blah. ok. gets? so those are streaming videos, videos that you can readily watch as it is being delivered to you. the difference of streaming media to non-streaming media is that with non-streaming media, you first have to download the file completely before you can view it. an example of this would be mp3s we download from the net and zipped files. clear?

so yeah, to download streaming videos, or simply put… for you to save your favorite youtube videos on your hard-disk…. do this

1. first and foremost: secure an FLV (flash video) player because the video you’re going to translate into downloadable format and download will be saved with a file extension of .flv

>>> you can download a free FLV Player HERE

2. open youtube (or any streaming video site you know) and load your preferred video

3. open http://www.keepvid.com and there you’ll see a field where you must type the URL of the page where the video plays. actually, all the other necessary directions can be found on that site. JUST make sure that the video you’re planning to download has loaded COMPLETELY on youtube (or any other) before you type in its URL

4. and voila! keepvid will take care of the rest. which means that once you’ve submitted the URL on the text field, keepvid will generate a DOWNLOAD LINK where you can finally download the video as an .flv file and save it on your harddisk.

waaah. it’s very easy… for those who have highspeed internet connection. : naaah. i don’t have that… for now… but we’ll see… hehehe

anyhow. as of late, keepvid is the only site i know who offers such services but i’m sure there are lots of them already, i’m just not well-aware of them. 🙂

NOTE: sadly, you can only download streaming videos as FLV files. if you want to convert it to mp3 or any other type of media, you have to secure a separate converter for that…

yey! alright. that’s it.

questions? clarifications? anything you find incomprehensible or vague? you can ask me on this one if you don’t understand it. ^_^;;

THANKS A BUNCH TO KEEPVID and to my dormmate who shared this info to me. 🙂