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to kill a death god

i’m back to watching death note! yey! so while i’m doing a mini marathon (coz i don’t have all day… have to go back to elbi.. >_>) i’m also surfing the net and doing stuff i always do like bloghopping, friendster profile hopping, a little bit of stalking, picture grabbing, account checking, mailbox cleaning and all those junk. heck, i barely have time to play online games!!! but you see, if by next week we get to use broadband already then everything i do in the world wide web will be a breeze!

i can download death note episodes 20-35 (or whatever’s more recent), burn it on a CD and go marathon-ing all day!! i’m so excited! i can finally, FINALLY watch my favorite series without the hassle of a slow internet connection!! i can download everything! but of course i have to be extra cautious of those ill-natured bugs pestering the motherboard. >_>

grrr. and now my desire of acquiring my OWN laptop is becoming unbearable! i need to have a laptop already!!!! gosh, i have so many files on this laptop! and to add to that, my dad also has his share of the mountainous bulk of files and folders. and we don’t have a high-end processor. i’m afraid this unit will crash down. >_>

okok. mom cut off our allowance. BIG DEAL? YEAH OF COURSE! aside from Fridays, that’s another thing keeping me from going AWOL and becoming an OSY! >_> but then there’s a good side of it, the 1/4 of our usual allowance that she’s cutting off (effective now) will be accumulated and put in the bank to prevent us from spending it. yeah, it’s for my own good. my savings hardly ever grew since the last time i deposited money in it. hehehe

kk, death note mode for now! 🙂