A very personal blog


>_> my head hurts, danngit! >_> mehn. i almost hated this day! yesterday i asked mom for permission to go to MoA with terai and ate theresa this friday after terai’s seminar and she said yes. and by yes, it means that it’s ok for her if we arrive home during the wee hours of the night since we’re leaving at 5pm and friday means traffic. but now she changed her mind. i guess she isn’t really thinking right when she allowed me yesterday, not that i’m saying it’s a wrong thing to allow us but heh, it equally pisses me off. >_>

really, i couldn’t care much about MoA if it weren’t for mike. haha, yeah he’s the lucky bloke. i still want to see him. to check if he still remembers me (though i doubt it but i just want to make sure. wahaha) or if he’ll still put a heart on my name. oh yeh, before you get something out of this… i just want to remind you that i don’t like him like that. i like him like a friend. huuuh? go figure! and besides, his being a barista is one of the major reasons why i want to be friends with him. i could just imagine if he’s someone from, say seattle’s best or mocha blends, i guess i wouldn’t even look out for him next time… but the thing is, he’s from starbucks. my favorite coffee shop. my favorite logo. my favorite drink.

you see, before i got into this horrible situation that i’m in where i have to impose a military-like discipline on my own and ground myself on coffee… i am the biggest freak that i know. everytime i visit starbucks and purchase a drink, i get two pieces of tissue paper and also one of those brochures that are displayed behind the chorva counter (whatever that’s called.. alam nyo na yun). just 1 though. hahaha because i’m embarrassed (sp?) to, you know, GET THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME. mehn dyahe. >_> and you know what i do with the tissue paper? the first tissue i use to hold the cup cos it’s cold, and second… i fold it neatly and tuck it inside the brochure. yahahaha wattafreak. so you know, visit by visit, drink by drink, i managed to collect ALLLLL of the brochures displayed on that chorva counter. yaaah including the spark of hope donation slip. wahehehehehe. and i made sure they have their own tissue paper tucked in. what’s that for? really, i don’t know.

also, i already mentioned before that i collect cups as well. hehehe but only those that i can hide while going home. lol. i wouldn’t want to be seen carrying empty sb plastic cups when i could just throw them away. yeah, i’m a freak but i’m also trying hard not to show it. ahahahahaha

anyhow, it’s just a little collection of SB stuff that i’ve gathered. h’bout the planner? oh i don’t have that. i drink a lot of coffee but i don’t always drink at SB. come on, i also have my own box of instant coffee here at home and it’s not like i’m gonna get a free planner with that. and besides, i don’t feel like desecrating their planner with my unruly penmanship. err… i didn’t mean that.

hmm… ohyeah back to the present. ok so no MoA tomorrow. hmph i even asked my sister if i could just buy the drink for her just so i could stand on that counter once again and chikiniyayatimanunggaasdfghjklqwertyuiop nevermind.