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lucky letter of the day

comment on this post, and I shall give you a letter. List ten things that relate to your life that start with the letter i gave you.

nez gave me the letter B!

1. Blog – i always blog. yeah
2. Birthdays – of course! i get one every year! and you too as well…
3. Books – i love reading
4. Boredom – it’s been part of my life
5. Banana – one i can’t live without when eating in los banos because it keeps the doctor away better than apples. 🙂
6. Bordo’s Burgers – my favorite burger resto! yeah, better than BK! cheaper too! only in elbi! hehe
7. Boys? – i’m obviously running out of choices >_>
8. Batteries – i always make sure i have plenty on stock for my mp3 player
9. Bookmarks – i enjoy custom-making bookmarks! and yeah, i can’t read without a bookmark… unles it’s a textbook
10. Bed – yeah, we all love sleeping! wait, i just thought of this right now…the bed is the loveliest thing ever! why? because love always happens there! lol. corny… >_>

awhile ago, like 4PM… my dad and i went to swim at the clubhouse! yey. it’s actually my first swim this summer. i just couldn’t let my summer vacation pass by without me gracing a pool. haha more like drowning in a pool actually.

so yeah, we had fun. the best thing was the clouds were so dim and it actually rained so i don’t have to bother with getting darker, plus we’re the only people in the pool, so we owned it for 2 hours. but then, the pool wasn’t so clean… so, i’d give that a thumbs down and a loud boo. i could even remember choking on an insect while i was floating, good thing i was able to cough it out before i completely swallow the humongous thing. o.O yuck.

and tomorrow, i have to wake up early for the online enlistment. i just hope i get all my subjects because mehn i couldn’t afford to be underloaded cos that would mean a greater delay on my part. then when afternoon comes terai and i will leave and meet with kache, yndi and kim at TriNoma. sounds fun! 🙂

oh yeah, i wasn’t able to go to our barkada gimmick today at trinoma. sorry. ^^;