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look at the superwotcher schedule!

today is the opening of the online registration in uplb. i woke up at 6am to check my sched and i’m lucky enough to be given an instant 20 units! however, look at my sched and see my agony. they practically took my lunchbreak away! and i HAVE to eat on time because i’m hyperacidic! huhuhuhu my mom doesn’t like my schedule as well, but it’s better than being underloaded. hehehe and i don’t have PE2! anyhow it’s ok, i mean i couldn’t afford to add another subject to my sched. and i’m really thankful that i only have 1 subject on fridays because that means i can go home early! yehey!

mehn, i have 3 labs! physics3 (dangit, i hate physics!), chem32 (the hardest chem, they say) and chem40 (considered as the pinaka walang kwentang chem – in this subject which is basic organic chem… all we do is synthesize those superdangit piatos shaped carbon molecules and gape at their wondrousness. ulk T_T)

so far i’m happy with my schedule! 😀