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writer’s block! grrr… i keep on staring at the ms word file i made and nothing seems to spring out from my brain. so far i’ve only made 1 sentence. yeah, 1 superdanggit sentence and it looks like it’s gonna take a long time before the 2 second sentence appears. grrr… everything has been planned out in my brain already! how harry and draco will meet, how the conflict will surface, how harry will struggle with his emotions… including the ending! i’ve already planned out the ending but i’m here… squeezing my brains out to translate these images into a comprehensible language. waaaahhhh!!!

so if you’ve noticed (only if you’ve been here before) i made a few, really minor, changes in this blog. yeah, that includes the rounded edges on the header image as well as the entry box. honestly, i had a hard time ’rounding-up’ the edges of the image because… nyaah… i simply don’t know how to use it in photoshop. >_> i had to fumble through it do be able to get the desired effect. though i’m not sure if this layout is well-parsed in your browsers cos i also edited the margins… i’m afraid it’ll looked skrewed up in other computers. does it?

orayt! i need to get inspired!