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new post :p

i can’t wait for school to start over. oh don’t get me wrong, it’s all about the allowance. everytime i look over a display window and see something i want, there’s only one line running through my head, ‘i have to get my allowance already!’

allowance spells a lot of things for a college student living miles away from her parents. i’m excited to save, save and probably indulge on selfish little treats as well… like a cup of coffee. yeah, it wouldn’t hurt a lot would it? nyaaaah. >_>

i can’t help but feel envious of people who are celebrating their birthdays already. you know what, i feel so left behind when i open my multiply account and see tons and tons of albums containing ‘happy 18th birthday ____’ along with a sidepic that is usually vain. hehehe. >.< haaaay... to all my batchmates who are aleady 18... I ENVY YOU BIG TIME!!!! let’s leave that.
so uh, this morning my mom brought me to the hospital to get a flu shot. it’s my first time to get it. well, nothing much.
oh, terai and i made ref cake awhile ago too. yeah right. boring. >_>

maybe when school comes i’ll have more things to rant about… which i guess would either be a) a subject i’m failing or b) another crush
or maybe both.