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😀 hope you like it. another one of my artworks. i finished that just now. yeah, just one sitting! that’s why i’m proud of it. hehehe. this is not a plain doodle anymore because i’m now trying to conceptualize my artworks. sort of putting a theme to every piece. i’m gonna miss doodling but for now i must, uhhh, innovate? grow? i dunno. i just want to incorporate different themes in my style of drawing.

i’m loving Shakey’s V League right now! can’t get enough of that volleyball action! but of course not all teams give me a WHOA while they’re on court. i especially appreciate the lady falcons (adamson university) because of suzanne (?? not sure >.<)roces. her skills just knock me off the bed. BUT OF COURSE, there’s my favorite player, JINDARAT KANCHANA! a thai import. she plays for ateneo right now but last year she played for lasalle. yeah, i like her! even last year. and you know, she plays with an injured leg! now that’s really.. uhh… great! haha. but seriously, even though there are a lot of players who are far better than her, she’s the one that really caught my interest. she plays really well and i admire her a lot for that. ^__^ yesterday was really exhausting! early morning i went off to los banos to register. my friend jonathan and i agreed to meet at the bus terminal. when got there, he realized he just LOST HIS PHONE! his nokia N-something flip phone! some wacko thief from the ordinary bus stole it from his bag! i’m really sorry for him. i was even guilty for a while because we were texting when he’s on the bus, the thief must have noticed his phone when he pulled it out to reply to my messages. 🙁 blah blah blah… UP at last! when i got my form 5, there’s a note stuck on it which says i have to cancel 1 unit or apply for overload. of course, i will apply for overload because if i cancel a subject, that’s going to be 3 units off my workload and i’m gonna be underloaded by then. and wait, i realized i didn’t have enough money to pay the tuition fee! that’s because the stupid online registration system turned off the matriculation assessment that’s why i wasn’t able to know how much exactly my tuition fee costs. and when i got there and looked at my form 5, i realized i was 200 pesos short! and i don’t have money for the fare home too! so here’s how my registration day took off: i went to CEAT (college of eng’g…) to get my form 5, then i rushed to the dorm to hopefully find someone who can lend me money. THANKS A LOT TO TITA BETH (our landlady), she lend me 200 pesos plus my pamasahe! ♥ from there i went to the OUR (office of the univ. registrar) then to CEAT for the overload permit then to the Chemical Eng’g department for some signatures and approval then back to CEAT again to surrender my approved application for overload to the college secretary. whew. i walked a LOT!
but thank God it’s over!