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keep moving forward

here’s my most recent artwork or doodlework, whichever. that’s half the size of a short bond paper. i made it awhile ago, while waiting for some mp3s to download completely. majorly inspired by the movie ‘meet the robinsons’ hence tiny the dinosaur, and the two guys on the right. 🙂

the guy on the rightmost part, that’s wilbur robinson, he’s my new crush! ♥ he reminds me a lot of jude law when he played as a mecha in AI!

wee. i’m proud of this one! but you see, the original version, as in the tangible thing sitting beside me… is way better that that. nevermind. hope you appreciate it. 🙂

here are 2 other versions . edited through photoshop. mehn. it looks better than the original. 🙁 which do you prefer though?

filter > texture >craquelure

filter > artistic > cutout

i’ve already uploaded the original version in my devart account. see it here