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all we need is love $$$$$

i just lost it. awhile ago there seems to be a lot of things i’m itching to write about and now they’re all gone. : i forgot everything! grrr. anyhow. guess how long i was online this day? pretty much 10 hours. and it’s conking on my head already. my sister needs me online so that she can have a ‘live update’ of her system-one account while she settles her schedule there in los banos. yeah, so from los banos to manila she texts me to check on her account for this and that. of course i would comply, who else would do the job? what’s utterly difficult with it is that she asked me waitlist her in every subject in her recommended courses that fits in her schedule. can you imagine how tiresome that is?

it’s pretty much like this, there are around 50 course openings and one by one i have to check their timeslot, if it fits in her preliminary schedule then i’m going to waitlist her there. and of course i have to make sure it doesn’t conflict with one of her confirmed subjects. so there

much more, she asked me (ok, i volunteered) to email this 3 paged attachment to the ICS admin. i thought it was a piece of cake, sending an email attachment was never hard.
but getting a decent internet connection is.
i’m just going to email 3 superdangit files! i’ve scanned them already and tried to send it but because of our loser internet connection, 600kb worth of documents cannot be sent completely until after an hour. an hour. one superdangit hour. >_>;

and we haven’t paid our internet bills yet. haha, what is this? payback time? i swear, when i get my own laptop i’m going to invest on wi-fi so that i wouldn’t go through all the hassle of securing a telephone line an a sane internet service provider. all i need is lots of $$$$$$

anyhow, after that i’m free already. and by free, i mean i can now play chicken invaders without the cellphone ringing for more orders favors. ♥