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i wanna write!!!!! :

i’ve realized this just recently. when i draw a lot, i seem to forget my writing skills (like i have one). i can’t even start an introductory sentence! same goes during the times i’m so into writing stories, i can’t seem to draw! why oh why can’t i do them at the same time! it’s like the creative juices are traveling a one-way path. when i’m at my ‘drawing moment’ and i try to write a story, it will look all crappy and erroneous. >.< mehn. you should get me. grrr… thing is, i want to write already. the story i’ve been planning to write about is now on its first paragraph! yeah, and it took me a looooot of time just to put those superdangit words together. i narrated the WHOOOLE story to my dad and HE LIKED IT! he even said it sounded like a movie and would make a bestseller. but come on, HE’S MY DAD. but seriously, i think it’s a good story. i’ve asked three people about i already and they all think it’s good. 🙂 i’m not being boastful about it. i just need all the encouragement and positive criticisms i could garner for me to get started with it. it’s really hard. >_>

sometimes i want to make it an original story with my very own characters. and when i do that, i’m gonna use a heterosexual pair. but i’m afraid it will reach only a few people since orig stories posted in the net aren’t that popular.


that’s why i’m using Harry and Draco for it. hahahaha.

Dear Lord,
i want my writing mojo back. >_> even though i know i’m a sucker for grammatical errors and inconsistent change of tenses (like what most of my reviewers complain about), i still want to get started with this new story. i know it’s unfair because i still have 2 incomplete stories and its cruel to let readers hang on it like that… but please… hehe give me the wisdom! give me the right words to write! the right tenses to use! mehn.. can you just give me the GREATEST BETA READER IN THE WORLD???