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first day of school -_-;;

it was boring, except that i get to meet my friends. mehn, it’s just the fiiiirrsst day! i’m not really expecting for anything to happen. anyhow, the dorm is good as usual, lots of new dorm mates! yey! now that’s fun! and there’s vynne (pronounced vain, a new dormer) who watches yuri on her laptop and is excited about watching gravitation as well! i’ve been waiting for a new friend like that! seriously, ever since i started college, I’VE NEVER MET A FRIEND WHO IS A YAOI ENTHUSIAST LIKE ME! and it’s hard trying to influence people who are used to heterosexual pairs, they might actually think i’m a freak. which is true, but i’m still under self-denial. thank you.

oh, and you know what… i have a friend who is also my classmate in one of my subjects and i sort of hate it. >_> i’m a really bad friend. i’m trying to act cold actually. well, it’s just that… naiilang ako sa kanya. >_> and to think i called him my friend. o.O wow, i must be the queen of tupperwares. but come on, it didn’t start like that! because if i started out not liking him in the first place then i wouldn’t have befriended him at all (and i wouldn’t have given him my number. my bad), but you see, as i get to know him… the more i trying to avoid him. ugggh. there’s something with his err, approach that turns me off… as a friend. i mean, we’re not even close!

forget it.

so. NO CLASSES TOMORROW! why? it’s Laguna Day, and at the same time Rizal’s Birthday. i didn’t know it was his birthday! i never cared actually. thanks to him, i’m spending the whole day at the dorm! a perfect moment to draaaaaaaw!

and theeeen. i checked my stats again and found a referrer from google searching for something… about mike. >_>

my reaction? MADAMI NAMANG MIKE SA MUNDO AH! i shouldn’t get paranoid! besides, it wasn’t specified whether it’s mike this or mike that or mike who works here or mike who doesn’t work at all. whatever. i’m too paranoid. i just don’t want him to know i’ve mentioned him in a lot of my entries already and that he’s my ex-crush and all that junk. in short…

i don’t want him to know i WAS crazy about him.

why can’t i just close this topic?

good idea. case closed.