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huling hirit!

mehn. i had a great day! we just came back from MoA. today, philamlife (where my parents work) celebrates its 60th year anniversary and they held a concert for it at the music hall of SM mall of asia.

oryt. actually, everything that happened today MADE MY DAY! yeah so just bear with me as i enumerate them (in random order). lol

1. usually, MoA means mike right? TODAY MARKS THE END OF IT. i’m not crushing over him anymore! lol. i went to starbucks to buy a tumbler. he opened the door for me and even assisted me in picking the right tumbler. you see, i was about to pick the green one but he said blue looks better so i took his advice. 🙂 i went to the counter and paid for it and that’s when i realized that all my assumptions are wrong. why? because the guy behind the cash register (a different guy this time) is equally friendly. yeah, and it just dawned on me that it must be their SOP to sort of interview their customers and act really friendly… just like when i first met mike. the new guy, being as friendly as ever asked me if i’m gonna give the tumbler as a gift. i said no then he asked me if i’m gonna use it at school. i said yes. then he asked me my school. i answered UP los banos. and there goes the flattery blah blah blah. he thinks i’m so intelligent because i study in UP but then he hasn’t seen my class cards. my shameful class cards.

okay okay. so when i went for the exit the guard asked me for my course. so i answered him and he let me out. why do i need to get asked first before he i can go out? huuuuh?

and being the stubborn hyperacidic girl that i am… after settling awhile outside… i realized i can’t let this day pass without coffee gracing my tongue. and so i drank coffee, making sure that i have an antacid with me in case i eat a lot this day… 🙂 and you know what, when i got to the counter, the new guy greeted me hello while he’s still taking orders for the customer ahead of me. and also, mike prepared my drink! he.he.he.

haha. now that i know that people there are just plain friendly and homey with their customers, there must be no room for assumptions anymore. and besides, who the hell am i to think that way? >.< it's not like i'm pretty or something.. >_>

but yeah, that made my day. 🙂

for numbers 2 and 3

2. i bought a new bag! hehe it’s just a simple brown curduroy body bag and i used the 250 peso gift check philam gave us to purchase it… so i only have to add a small amount of money for it. 🙂 i also bought a lip gloss from the body shop. i actually like the gloss of the expensive ones better but i figured it right to just use a born lippy because it’s cheaper and scented. hehehe

and lastly…

3. THE FREE CONCERT! mehn in was GREAAAATTT! the artists who came were, tuesday vargas (host), the philippine idol finalists, THE COMPANY!!! and APO hiking society. mehn, i love THE COMPANY!!!! they sang really well and their acapellas just knock me off my seat!!! they did a freakin great job and all of them are all-out! no dull moment! they sang songs ranging from the 60’s to the new millenium and it was really nice. then from time to time the philippine idol finalists come on stage. i like them too. the two guys are really good looking.^_^;; oh yeah and of course the finale perfomer would be the APO hiking society. what can i say? their attires are so shining shimmering splendid! and their voice is just great! more laudable than what i hear on TV. i just love their sweet serenades! i love old music….. 😀

sucks because before The Company starts to perform, our camera went low-bat. grrr. >_>

celebrity overload: while eating in mcdo we also spotted this small stage outside where people are setting up for a mini mall-tour of the movie Angels. hehe, i saw valerie concepcion (she’s so pretty!) and aiza marquez and some other actors and actresses that i know by face but not by name. 🙂

haaaaay. oh no, pasukan na naman. >.<