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even demons disguise themselves as angels

that was my latest doodle work. hehehe.


ka, nez and i watched the movie Whisper, as in ‘the devil has found a new playmate’
well, NOT REALLY. >_>
it was supposed to be horror but it didn’t really scare me that much. hehehehe and it turned out to be a comedy pa…
maybe it really depends on your company…
because… no matter how scary the movie is, if you’re with a crazy group of people you’d be spitting out fits of laughter instead of screaming your head off! nyahahaha…

oha ang saya namin e.

but before that we ate in pizza hut muna where we ordered CHEESYPOPS!! yeah, first time mehn! all hail those pullable pops!! hehehehe…

yikeee nez… ferjunferujunferjunferjun. ehehehehehe pati na rin ung kundoktor ng bus. ehihihihihihihihi

funny pa, kasi before we went out we rang the bell in pizza hut. as in the ‘please ring the bell if you had a good time’ bell. and the waiter who opened the door for us, named Ferjun (hihihi), CLAPPED! yeah super.. SOP ba yon?

eto pa, wala namang nakasulat na ‘please ring the bell if you had a good time’. wala, trip lang. nyahahaha

thank you KA for the popcorn! nyahehehe… and also for the ride to Ever!

so yeaaah, i had a good time.

onga pla… while in the car… we’re planning a lot of things!!! we’re gonna buy a BEACH HOUSE! ohaa? and we’re planning to fly to SINGAPORE!!! yeahboi! eto pa.. we’re planning to open a joint account (of 13 people?! hahaha) to start saving for our BEACH HOUSE!! oyeah. hehehe… LOL.


and KA… kanggarabarat is beside youu…