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at least i passed

i got a 2.75 on chem17. i suck.
so what’s 2.75? that’s around 61%-65%. whattagrade. but at least i passed, and i didn’t have anymore of those deadly jitters i felt when i was waiting for my chem16 grade. i sort of got used to it. you know, i have the right to feel slightly unalarmed because it’s not my first time anymore. hehehe

anyhow. no laptop for me. FOR NOW. i’m still saving my way through it… i’m 14.2857% done with it. hahaha. maybe next year… yeah.

my parents are going to batangas tomorrow and they’re going to drop me at Calamba then i’ll head to Los Banos to pack up my things. boring boring boring…

HEY! i dreamt of RYAN AGONCILLO awhile ago!!!
i’m so happy and giddy and bouncy and… oh you should know how i feel! and the best part of it was… JUDAY WASN’T THERE!!! start the feast dammit!
it was just a short dream, he’s asking me to LINK HIS BLOG TO MY BLOG and i was like sure sure sure sure sure!!

and that was it. haha