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book of the dumb

currently reading: avalon high – meg cabot

it’s been ages since i last read chic-lit. actually i just downloaded it as an ebook and i’m reading it now through ms reader. people say chic-lits, or generally teen novels, make you dumber. i say it improves your writing style but doesn’t really enhance your vocabulary. for heavy plotted books, the style of writing is barely acknowledged because it gets burried under the towering highfaluting words and the plot can readily compensate for it. >_> however for chic-lits, given a shallow (and almost ridiculously annoying) plot, there’s nothing more to look forward to than the style. and that’s where teen novelists strive to excel.

personally, i like reading teen novels. yeah, i don’t care how much it would drain me of my IQ… i like reading them because of the romance! yeah, i also don’t care how much corny and cheesy the scene is as long as it’s written nicely (with wit and sarcasm)… i will definitely like it. 🙂

i’m a big fan of geeky girls getting a major makeover and totally removing the blond cheerleader off the quarterback’s sight. >_> but then it has become a big trend for chic-lits nowadays that i am already disgusted on the way authors play with that cliche. >_> that’s why i only pick the authors i like and have tested to be both humorous and romantic. wahehehehe…

i’m getting dumber and dumber by the second…

anyhow. after i read Avalon High, i’ll be downloading a couple more books online. i’d like to read something by Niel Gaiman although i’m having a hard time looking for downloads. i also want to reread All-American Girl by Meg Cabot. my favorittteeee teen novel! but apparently, i couldn’t find any more of its old-school paperback edition that only costs 300. they’ve repacked the book! and it’s around 400 pesos already. grrr… i hate spending a lot on just 1 thing. unless it’s coffee (hey. i’m still grounded). >_>

oh, tomorrow must be great. yeah it should be! 😀