A very personal blog


i have a freakin mouthsore. make that two. no, three. and maybe even four cos i’m starting to feel another one bubbling out. mehn.

i have a new favorite book! no, not something from Meg Cabot… i’m not gonna fave a chic-lit from now on. hehehe…
it’s a book by a very influential lay Catholic preacher… Bo Sanchez! it’s called HOW TO BE REALLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY.

really, i was blessed after reading it. it’s a very short book, a compilation of his best forewords from his magazine or whatever it is that you call the first article on Kerygma. it was all humorous and powerful and sensible and it hits you right on your err.. funny bone? naah. just that. it’s a goooood read! it doesn’t matter if you’re not a Catholic (like me)… i highly recommend this book to all of you out there! Bo Sanchez is a really funny guy! he doesn’t preach like the one you see in masses. when he preaches… it will seem like you’re attending an inspirational seminar instead of a regular sunday homily. hehehe


the best thing that i learned from the book is this, God is a simple God! yeah! i wouldn’t have realized it myself if he hadn’t cited it out. God is simple. he isn’t complicated. he can be understood. but we humans are just so fickle-minded that he even had to let down his son to deliver the message we’re so dying to comprehend. and yet, we ignored! yeah, we’re so stupid. really stupid. sorry Lord.

and you know what. we should always talk to God. yeah, casual talk. like a friend! he likes it a lot when we talk to him like he’s our bestfriend… cos in the first place we’re already his friend! right before we were conceived. and we only have to realize it.

i’m not cutting on tomatoes anymore. i realized that the roooot of the evilness forming withing my stomach lining can be traced from the way i take care of myself during summer classes. you know, i get dismissed by 1pm… in which nothing edible is being consumed in my stomach. i drink a lot of coffee… well just one cup/night but then during afternoons i drink a beer mug full of Milo. i can finish the whole 400g pack in a week. heh. and i hardly drink tap water, it’s always cold cold cold. and well, i always sleep right after eating. >_> hehe i know the fault is all mine. @_@ so… hmmmm.