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wouldn't it be nice

i’m home! i’m home! yesterday was horrible. i was disappointed with how i took the exams. i guess everybody was, anyway. whattakiller. i don’t know what to do. i’m totally clueless! and i studied. i studied! that’s the irony. i felt like i did the right(est) thing by studying only to find out i’m still going to make gazillions of mistakes. this is so unfair. hahaha.

i brought my things during the exam because i’m going straight home afterwards. and i did. but i didn’t know going home could be a big pain in the ass as well. it has never been this way. actually ganito yan, the bus left me! as in i chased the bus just like in koreanovelas but sadly i still missed it, or it left me. there’s a difference. hahaha. ang laboooo. basta. and it’s already 730. i’m afraid no more cubao buses are going to pass by. but duh, i’m here last night so what does that mean? yeah. haha and weirdo ko talaga.

i have limewire again! yey. i’m downloading lots of josh groban and bloomfields. so soooory.

tomorrow has to be a great day. it has to beeeeee…