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101 wishlist

now i realize why it’s so effective. if you were to write down 101 wishes, you’ll probably run out of things to ask for come the 60th of 70th number, so you write random little wishes just to complete the list. well, chances are the random little wishes will go granted first since you have a list to remind you that you want something and since it’s just a little cheap wish, you won’t think twice on indulging over it. then you’ll have one number to strike off your wishlist.

actually that’s just my observation. but seriously, or in a deeper sense, we’re just so blessed! we just don’t notice it because we think there are things that should occur naturally. like the air we breathe. it’s a blessing! and we ignore the fact that we’re blessed with a perfectly proportioned athmosphere because it happens everyday, we breathe in and out normally. but what if we’re not blessed with that? then we’re dead. what about our friends? they’re one of the biggest blessings God gave us and we didn’t even ask for them. we didn’t even write it down on a wishlist but we’re like automatically given friends that would suit us best.

isn’t it great that we don’t have to include the most essential things in a wishlist because God has already given them to us even without asking? there’s so much to be thankful for more than the things you get in your wishlist.

God is a generous God. he provides us with our needs. i’m so glad for that. the things i have on my wishlist are only the material things that would satiate the human flesh. i’m grateful that God only left us with secondary to little things to ask for since he has already provided everything we need to survive, including Him.

i’m writing a new version of my 101 wishlist! yey! hehehe