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tomorrow is the day!

it’s both dreadful and exciting! i have two exams in a row and i have to go home before the the last trip to cubao leaves me. but given the tight sched, i’m still more excited than dread-filled. simply because a) i’m going home already and that’s a gooood reward for me b) tomorrow marks another day to be slashed off the calendar. meaning, summer classes will soooooooon be over! and of course c) loooooonnng weekend! i’m so thrilled.

ah, i remember. there’s still one thing cranking up my bones right now. practical test! *sweats* our practical goes like this, we simply have to separate a solution into individual cations and identify them. it’s rockin my brains yo. i don’t think imma break a leg by then. i’m afraid i’ll get all the cations and anions wrong. i’m nervous, yeah. and tonight i have to make two prelab reports and study for two exams. whooo. and i still have time to blog, oh yeah. i’m so excited for tomorrow. we’re doing the same old qualitative analysis on group D cations, sorta like the practical test but during the test we won’t be holding kodigos and we have to memorize a whole junk of net ionic equations. what blasted fortune i have. and our lab group is really faaar behind the other groups. it’s amazing race inside the lab! the first group to identify all the cations present in the solution gets a plus 3 on the postlab. i badly need that plus.

you know what, i scored 0.95/5 on my prelab report awhile ago. shoot me mehn. and i got a 2/15 on one of our drills. my quizzes garnered an average of like 46%. but i’m not despaired over them. that’s how exactly how my chem16 standing goes like and i still passed, though without flying colors, i still passed. i feel like i got a pink mark, you know… almost close to red, which is a failing grade. and i always wear pink. lol. anong konek?

hahaha. i really wish to pass this subject. hope you’re with me!