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without a cure

i hate myself for wasting electricity this much. heck, i’m online again! i’ve always been online ever since i came home… which is quite a good thing because i don’t have to spend a lot on net cafes and i can do a lot of things for as long as i want! like this new look for my blog. it’s not a lot, i know. new blogger provides really limited features on template designs that’s why if you want to include something foreign in your blog -by foreign i mean stuff the new blogger template editor doesn’t recognize- you have to get a good hack (if you know how to) or just get a good hack resource.

the first ever hack i used for this xml layout came from Hackosphere and it’s called Selective Expandable Posts. you know, the ‘Read More’ link… a link at the end of the first half of your long entry that will direct you to the post’s permanent link where the whole entry is displayed. i tend to type a lot that’s why i considered taking the hack.

sometimes i hate blogger for not developing important features like that. however, there are still loads of lovely things about new blogger that would compensate for that lack of… chorva. >_>

weee. for this layout, i used the page element editor to attach a header image. and i had to adjust the margin to a negative value so that the image would align to the left. blaaah. this is originally a Minima 🙂 so yeah, aside from that i also took some properties from the layout, Harbor. if you notice, i took Harbor’s sidebar/post divider. hehehe. i should’ve hosted it myself but then this layout is just a doubly-edited default blogger layout so the images must be theirs still. haha except for the header though… duh.

haaay. i want to go to the mall. XD