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i bid you farewell

we went to the doctor awhile ago to consult my alleged heartburn. well, i was right, it was really a heartburn but it’s also something worse. hehe. the doctor, in her outrageously commanding voice told me to avoid all these foods:

coffee, softdrinks, tea, cold drinks, chocolate, milk, sour foods and tomatoes!

and prescribed me to medicate on antacids and this medicine that will counter the reflux of acid from my stomach. she also said that the fact that i’m already feeling something pricking through my chest is a sign that my stomach lining is already wounded. the more i take in an inappropriate diet, the more wounded it would be and the next time i feel like vomiting i’d be spitting out blood. well, ulcer would probably be next… i’m well aware of that. mehn.

however, it’s a good thing that it isn’t critical yet… at least i still have time to heal myself and get into a good diet. mehn, the doctor sounds really strict i feel like she loathes me. hahaha. i know it’s my fault, i drink too much coffee and i feast on tomatoes like there’s no tomorrow and the doctor knows that… she knows how hard it is to advice a teenager to cut off with her vices. that’s probably why she’s talking to me the hard way… like she’s a howler sent by Mrs. Molly Weasley.

i don’t have that. but now, i’m going to kill myself just to get that one virtue that would change my life (better yet… that one virtue that would keep me alive).

so yeah, i’m going to eliminate my favorite treats from my diet. bye tomatoes… i will miss you but rest assured that as soon as i get over this sickening pit i dug myself i’m going to come back for you and we’ll live happily ever after!

goodbye coffee (or caffeine generally). you know how much i love you, that will never change. you’re still the best drug in the world. see you when i get better.

*sniff* *sniff*

now let’s leave the dramatic exit of my loyal sidekicks and move on to the introduction of my new companion.

my dear friends, here’s TAP WATER! he’ll be filling in for coffee. though i know it’s one of the hardest jobs to do… i know he’ll make it! lol

yeah, so hello water. you’re my favorite drink now, how does that sound?

water: boils


err… apparently water still hates me. wait till we get along… it’s not gonna take forever.

hehe. i’m so weird.