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we went to TriNoma, the new mall across SM North Edsa. their level parking was HELL. the beam is too low, the ramp is too high, the lanes are too small (and it’s a freakin 2-way) and the way the parking spaces are arranged is really confusing. in short, we didn’t get a parking space. so we went out and tried to look for the entrance of their north avenue parking lot but when we got to the junction, we thought it better if we just go back to SM, afterall, we just wanted to look around to see what’s up with TriNoma. and so we went back to SM. lol. SM is still the best… at least their parking space is better and we don’t have to worry about getting lost. anyhow, i’ll get back to TriNoma one day when it’s fully functioning already. 🙂

we parked at the rooftop of SM’s level parking for the first time and there we ate dinner. as usual, we bought the infamous picnic basket packed with sawali plates and banana leaves. we have fish, veggies, mangoes, and luncheon meat. lol. what a feast! at least we were able to save 500 worth of dinner in yoshinoya. hehee. after dinner we finally entered the mall and blaaaah…

yada yada yada…

i pity my uncle. he’s retiring soon and this son a b*tch chief of legal police wants to chuck him out of PNP. wtf! he’s not doing anything wrong! and if my hearing serves me right, this chief was his classmate years ago when he’s taking law.

and you know why they want to shoo him out? because when he retires he’s going to get all the pension and retirement benefits a high ranked police would get. and the bitch of a chief wants him to compromise and give him a share of his ‘future fortune’, which is so unfair and downright preposterous. whaaaat? you want his retirement benefits? why don’t you retire yourself!!! after all you’re the ‘chief’, you’re gonna get better benefits. fuck you.

what’s up with that?! i also heard that the chief is part of a group of syndicate. grrr… my my. my uncle is too righteous and kind to encounter such monstrosity. he just lost his wife, and now you’re trying to rob him of his retirement benefits!! where is the justice there!!!

and now… they’re bringing it to the court. it’s gonna take a long time but i’m praying for my uncle to win this battle. mehn.

i’m starting to hate PNP sans my uncle.

IN relation to policemen… last saturday i finally watched ‘Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros’. mehn, super laughtrip!!! go Maxi! i love him! i love the *ehem* romance (if you would consider it romantic)… kinilig ako e! hehehe. weee i was squealing a night long! i love the film! and wotcher.. i even cried! i cried when Victor (the police) rejected Maxi’s letter. i also cried when Maxi’s father was killed. oh my golly, i love gays so much! go Maxi!!! and yeah, i know the movie’s not a tear-jerker but i’m just so shallow.