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way back into love

it’s already may! 18 more days to go before summer classes are over! i can’t wait!!!

for the third time, they changed our schedule again. i’m back to the 9-4 sched. i hope to get used to their fickle-mindedness soon before i leash out my fury on their inconsiderate descisions.

i remember a Bible verse where Jesus said that ‘whatever you do to your brethren you do unto me’. awhile ago, while ate joyce and i are walking home, a stranger called on us, asking for help. while listening to his explanation and trying to grasp what is it exactly that he needs, i thought “uhm, ok. can you just stop explaining? get to the point and i’ll help you with whatever it is that you need…” in the end he said he needs to raise 65 pesos to be able to go home. he even explained that he is not a bad guy and doesn’t intend to do us any harm.

actually, i wasn’t holding anything that time aside from my umbrella so i just invited him to the dorm, which is just a few steps from where he called us. i don’t know, i didn’t even suspect him. i just gave him money. and i gave him more than what he expects because it looks like he hasn’t eaten yet and could pass out right there and then. i politely ushered him out of the gate and reminded him to buy food and go straight home. so he went off, thanking me along the way.

well, he didn’t look like a bad guy.
let’s hope i’m right.