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our exam proctor was so unfair, last saturday at the end of the exam, he practically shoved our section out of the lecture room to be able to have some time alone with his lab section. what’s unfair about that? he didn’t want US to know the good news that our very own lab instructor failed to inform us. and he’s so selfish he wants to keep it to his own section alone.

the supposed-to-be good news: no lecture this morning. fuck. and i even went back here sunday night. i woke up 6am this morning worrying if i’m going to get my labgown because the washer service hasn’t delivered my clothes yet. i arrived at the lecture hall at 7am sharp then i waited for a freaking 30 minutes for the teacher (and the rest of the class) to arrive. by then i was already suspecting that there were no classes cos it’s already past 7 and there are only a few people in the classroom. what’s more suspicious, and utterly infuriating -mind you-, is that the whole section of A-3L is missing. duh, because their lab instructor told them beforehand. it’s soooo unfaaaiiiirrr. i should’ve stayed the night over at our house. grrrr…

and wait. their teacher is like mocking us in the lab awhile ago, “aww, kawawa naman A-1L pumasok kaninang umaga.” che.

i would never ever want to share the same room with A-3L during exams, their instructor is so biased. and besides, i might miss a very important news again.

but i don’t hate them, or their teacher for that matter. i simply don’t have enough grounds to call what he did to us as something to be held as a grudge. he just favors his section to much because most of the cute guys are there. hah. we all know that and we fucking don’t care. at least i don’t.

i just hope i pass the first exam. our lecturer said it was the easiest, but hell, you know me… i sweat over the easiest things.