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sunday morning

He can live anywhere in the universe, but he chose to live in our hearts. Above all places he opted to live in the most impure, sinful and imperfect place, the human heart. Now be flattered and start cleaning, a King is not worth a dirty heart. same goes to me.

Yesterday was both fun and tiring. after the exam i headed to megamall to meet with my friends. we’re only five but i had fun! yey, it was my first time to skate so i’m not expecting not to fall, in fact i fell thrice. once hands-down and twice on my ass. hahaha but at least i learned how to walk and glide a little. in fact, i’m so lucky because i got a discount from my BDO rewards card, i got a free one hour skating time. i extended until five hours and i only paid 120 because Karla left the earliest so i just transferred my discount to her and paid the extending fee, so she left using my BDO receipt and i used her unlimited ticket. thanks. gulo no?

awww Karla, you should’ve stayed longer! say alonzo and PJ of Posh along with their partners were there for the show ‘Stars on Ice’. they’re practicing, so they kinda skated with us. that’s fun, for the most part i was starstrucked but not too much since i’m wasting my money gaping at celebrities. hahaha, kara david was also there with her daughter. 🙂

hehehe after skating hannah’s dad treated us to frito frito (the real fried ice cream). lol. joketime lang pala yung fried ice cream. see for yourself! hahaha anyhow it was nice! thaaaaannnkkkksss. then they dropped me to fairview caltex where my parents fetched me. yey. home sweet home

i woke up this morning feeling really sore, both my arms and legs hurt! yeah, muscle pain. much worse, my same old right knee is starting to hurt again. i guess i pushed myself too hard last night i wasn’t able to consider my injury. e kasi naman, i thought the meniscus chorva has healed already. it’s been more than a year! i forgot that it’s permanently torn na pala so yun. and my mom is back to her paranoid reminders of me not taking into extreme sports. no tennis daaw!!! extreme ba yun? ang extreme, yung bungee jumping, motocross, wakeboarding, para-sailing, sky diving, drag racing… basta. extreme daw ang tennis… nyeeee. haha, of course i didn’t argue like that, it’s natural that she’s concerned about my knee because we can’t afford another trip to the hospital. hahaha.

wotcher. i got reprimanded because of it during breakfast, and my only defense is that i’m having too much fun i forgot about my knee, sorry. ok, so it’s not really a defense, i’m just too negligent of my health. it’s ok! i have no regrets! i’m going to skate paren, maybe next year. yeeey.

but for now, please pray for my chem17 grade. i need to pass. 🙂