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another one bites the dust

whoa. i so like our teacher awhile ago! i just hope he substitutes our original teacher more often. hehe. he gave away 500 pesos to the first person who got the problem right in 3 minutes. and hell he did. o.O

i wish all teachers are THAT generous.

kat, july and i passed by the registrar’s building awhile ago and we saw the whooping, death-defying truth behind TOFI (tuition and other fees increase). the minimum overall fee i saw was around 21,000 plus. the most expensive course is BSStat with 24,000. my course is around 23,000+.

it might still seem a little compared to other schools but from last sem’s maximum fee of 7,000+ i can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the 300% increase they imposed on freshies. oh well, at least i’m not part of those who paid that big. we’re still so lucky. thank you Lord. yey.

tomorrow we’ll have our first lab exam at 5-7pm. then saturday morning is our 2nd lecture exam. aw mehn, i really hope to pass this subject. >.< okok. gotta study!