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a fool's report

this thing stressed the hell out of me

it’s my hand written full report on chemical equilibrium. wah. i had a super headache while re-writing it from my yellow pad. anyhow, i’m so proud i’m done with it. and it looks typewritten from afar! yey. i’m so proud of my handwriting. handwriting lang. haha. my left ring-finger is so heavily calloused already. and to think my future husband is going to insert our wedding ring on that same calloused finger. huhuhu. lol.

anyhow. i’m so glad i’m home. i failed to save even a single cent from my allowance because i finally bought the white musk perfume i was saving for. at one point i regretted buying it because i thought the free moisturizer is a good catch but no. it stinks. i hate the smell. and now i look at the fancy label on the crystal perfume bottle that costs a thousand plus for a mere 60mL and sigh. hehe. i’ve been searching for that powdered musk scent ever since larz introduced it to me when we were in highschool so when i first saw it, i promised to save for it. it just happened that they have a promo that for every 1000 you get a free moisturizer. i was blinded by that. the perfume still leaves me nostalgic but i have to give up on the moisturizer…. OR i’ll try to make it smell better. y’know… experiments. oooh, let’s do that. next time i’m just going to buy the cologne version coz it’s cheaper. 🙂

ryan has a billboard in edsa! ♥