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come on friday!

i thought i’m going to feel sick for the whole week cos apparently, i overindulged on food on the last 2 days that’s why i’m suffering from lbm right now. huhuhu. i’m also vomiting like hell and i feel dizzy all the time. hope it’s nothing. yeah, i know it’s nothing. i drank a glass hydrite solution awhile ago and it seems to work well. yey. tomorrow i’ll be all hale and healthy!

haay. they returned our first lab and lecture exams already. i got a good score on the first lecture exam! by good i mean i didn’t fail and i went beyond 60%. however on the lab exam, i failed! why, i’m so careless!! i was mentally cursing myself for commiting such negligent errors, i should’ve passed the freakin exam if i only put those square brackets on my lewis structures! grrr. anyway, i’m not sad. as in i’m not. i’m just 1.5 points away from the passing. which is good enough considering that i’m such a sucker for chemistry. one thing though, i’m scared to know my grade on the second lecture exam. i know i deserve a low score because i didn’t study! as in. haaaay.

this friday and saturday we’re gonna have another set of exams. whew. how exciting.

hmmmm. setting aside my boring misadventures into the world of chemistry, let’s go to the most promising things i’m looking forward to AFTER i get over chem17.

first, i’m excited to go skating with my sister in mall of asia. i promised her that i’m gonna bring her there! well, of course i have ulterior motives with inviting her…. mike! hahaha. i miss him! but not the ‘crush’ type of miss. i miss him like i miss my batchmates and elbi friends. 🙂

second, i want to get a loooottt of sleep. oh, i’m not really sleep deprived. i still get 8 hours of sleep a day. i go for 12mn – 8am. BUT i just can’t seem to get enough of it. why, don’t you? we all love to sleep.

and finally, i want to get fit! hiyaaa!! i’m going to ressurect the long dead exercise routine i’ve established last year. i’m getting fatter talaga. my arms are getting bigger, my thighs are expanding exponentially, my belly is bloating like hell and well… i just need to get thinner.

sixtreme reunion.
sounds fun. but i’m still not sure if i could come, our finals could be on that very same day. they’re planning for a theme… hs stereotypes or hs uniform. i don’t like both. lol. stereotypes are sort of offending. what about the nerds? i mean, would anyone admit something like that? come on, we’re not america. peace mehn. hmm… i would love to wear my old school uniform but i believe i’ve thrown (or burnt) them out already. and besides, it’s all worn out and full of boysen stains and paint splats. wouldn’t want to look like a beggar.

this is so corny. i’d rather be in casual. 🙂
do i sound like i hate it? i hope not. i’m happy that they planned for something like that. i can see it’ll turn out great.

oh i’m excited for this weekend!!
come on fridaaay!!!