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i miss watching anime. and i’ve realized i’ve outgrown that period of being such an obsessed otaku. nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that all the tv radiation i got from watching too much anime before has been put to waste. no. never. i might have lept a hundred steps away from my ex-love but there’s still a space in my heart reserved for it…

i miss gensoumaden saiyuki, slam dunk and naruto! i want to watch them all over again!!! i’m going discuss each of them in detail.

GENSOUMADEN SAIYUKI – i looooveee Sanzo. in fact, in school i play the role of Sanzo (of course only with my friends)… and his godly counterpart in the series, Konzen, is played by a good friend ate martha. huhuhu. and i have my own Goku as well…. erikaaa. i miss you. what i miss most about it is the story and the soundtrack. the soundtrack is superb. i love it. jrock at its peak! well that’s just me, i appreciate a lot of japanese songs because… duh… i grew up desperately trying to learn and sing them. in faaact, i’m downloading some of their 1st season songs because i can’t seem to find them in my backup cd’s. grrr.

and what more could get me attached to the series are the pairings! this is not new. i’m a yaoi fangirl. i squeal over hot shounen couples. i write gay stories with mature content. if you know me, you should understand.

SLAM DUNK – aaah. basketball. i’m not good with that, let alone any other sport. but then again, the humor got me stuck with the series. as well as *eherm* the shounens. SenRu is on the top of my list. care to argue?

NARUTO – hahaha. it’s still up and running! i guess it’s the most popular jap manga/anime/series. ever since i entered college i haven’t been given a decent dose of my favorite animes. and it pains me not to watch it on a regular basis. that’s why i’m starting to be a hassler on the art of illegal downloading and piracy.

oooooh. you know my two most favorite anime soundtracks would be from Gensoumaden Saiyuki (1st season) and Gravitation!!! whenever i listen to them, i’m like being brought back to the past, during the times i gape wondrously at every saiyuki, slam dunk and naruto poster we pass by on the mall.

i miss those times.

ah, and right now i’m cleaning up my mp3 player. have to get rid of a couple of junk to give space to my new mp3s. yeey. whew. sadly though, our trusty antivirus has detected another trojan horse generic from my mp3 player. hahaha. not to worry, i’m killing that freakin horse soon. yeah. haaay i have a lot to do today. i have to do prepare for our practical test on the qualitative analysis of cations and anions. whatever that junk means. boooo.

oh look, i’m having a category for anime. hahaha

during highschool… i also remember putting up YFC. oha. it’s not youth for christ… it’s Yaoi Fangirls Congregation. now it’s dead. booooooooo.

on school orgs:
i’m planning on joining an org (or orgs) sometime in the future… here are the ones that appeals most to me:
SChEmes (society of chemical eng’g students)
ESG (eng’g students’ guild)
ChemSoc (chemical society)
up painter’s club (although from what i saw, they mostly do anime portraits but…nvm)
up writer’s club (though i’m not even a bit qualified. i’d like to try)

aaahh. whatever.
fuck. i only have 1 GE on my coursework next sem! this is killing me… T__T;

i want to have my own laptop!!! i can’t go pestering my dad everyday to move out coz i’m going online. haaaay