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fine day it is!


i was right. i love this day. i just slashed off 3 items from my wishlist! a new wallet, a pack of black elastic bands and tennis balls. hehe. see, it’s really simple. and knowing that i’ll be slashing off more numbers in the future excites me!

oh, this morning we went to the church per usual. and because it’s mother’s day, by tradition they gathered all the mothers in the front and gave them gifts. they give three gifts every year, mother’s day, father’s day and graduation. how nice. the last gift i received from our church was during my highschool graduation and i won’t be getting my next gift until after 5 years OR if i become a mother sooner than that. lol.

hmmm. last monday my dad bought a pirated dvd of spiderman 3. it sucked. it’s like whoever caught the film only used a cheap video camera and hid it in his bag. it’s so obvious that he’s trying to hide the camera. there were a lot shoulders and heads blocking the screen and the very inconsiderate pirate is always adjusting the lens of his camera so the whole steamy action between sandman and spidey is blocked by this stupid hand. i won’t rant further. i mean, what am i expecting anyway? that’s why…

we watched it again awhile ago. spidey occupied 6 cinemas and all of them are in premieres. mehn. i love it. and hey, i have a new found pairing!!! if you know me you should know who the lucky blokes are. oh, that’s already a hint. yeey! *enter fic hunting mode*

orrryyyyt! i love my new wallet! it’s exactly how i want my wallet to be. it’s big, red and most of all it holds a lot of coins!!!

finally! TENNIS BALLS! i can’t wait to get my tuesday afternoon off! my sister and i are going to play this tuesday! i’m so excited. weeeeeeeee.

i was also supposed to buy a centrifuge tube from national bookstore but when i saw the price i was disheartened. back in los banos a single tube only costs 18 pesos but here, it’s 37! fuck the difference. and they’re both Pyrex, what’s wrong with that?!?

boohoooo. that centrifuge tube is not going to ruin my day, no matter how its price pissed me off.
i’m still yo ol’ giddy gurl.

whoooops. something that touched me this day… two of my three daughters from elbi greeted me a happy mother’s day!!! i didn’t expect it! back in the dorm we’re one big happy family and i’m the mother of three kids- kimmy, kyndi and kachee. and all of them have different fathers who are clueless that they have a daughter from me. LoL. thanks for the greeting, kyndi and kachee. i miss you three a looooot.