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prince of tennis

i’ve been itching to blog since yesterday but i was too worn out to carry myself across the street and go online. so now, just let me be…

yesterday’s highlight would be me and terai playing tennis, AT LONG LAST. we played at the lawn court of Baker hall and shared the court with 2 cute guys. hahaha. that’s what i’ve been itching to write about -yeah i’m so pathetic- this cute guy, whose name happened to be the same brand of racquet i’m holding that moment- Prince ♥… looks like Cogie Domingo. but he’s much leaner and athletic looking unlike Cogie who looks skinny on screen. anyhow. it was so much diyahe to play on the same court with them. heck, terai and i almost wasted our time picking balls because we’re only beginners and we’re still – so to speak- feeling the court and warming up! and these guys, these freakin guys are playing at highspeed effortlessly! as much as i’d like to transfer courts, i’d rather not kasi… e kasi ang sarap nila panuorin.

although….. i couldn’t say they’re better than my milo friends. hahaha. magkaganunman… the guy named prince… he’s so cute. >.< prince prince prince prince prince. haaay. i'm loving Prince (the brand) even more. do you remember the time i was wishing to have a prince tennis cap? now imagine if i wore that cap yesterday. hahaha. i'd look like i'm screaming his name all over my head. hahahaha. so not gonna happen. but then it doesn't change the fact that i've found another crush to think about... again. haha, at least NOW i go for real reachable people unlike before that i go gaga over celebrities and anime bishounens. hehehe. and hey, he looks like an upperclass tennis varsity. that is, if he's studying here cos his shirt spells FEU. so whatdoesthatmean? well, that’s all…. for yesterday. today: my friend lau texted me asking for the surname of my other other crush (the one i was online stalking). blah. then she told me he got accepted in diliman, industrial eng’g. now huh? as far as i know his schedule (oh, i’m a stalker remember) he didn’t take math36 here. in fact, his course here doesn’t require math36… so? whatever. i’m like 90% done forgetting him. it’s ok, it’s ok. yes seriously. i’m so good with forgetting guys. i guess love hasn’t hit me that hard yet. hahaha and so…
i’m excited for summer classes to end. it’ll be finals day on the 24th and after that… i’m FREE of all the hassle that has been plaguing me. i have to be rewarded for putting up with too much shit this summer.

next news: the plot bunnies are working remarkably well these days! apparently i’ve come up with a rather amusing story about Harry and Draco. i can’t wait to write about it. i’ve just given Harry the MOST DIFFICULT CHOICE OF HIS ENTIRE FANFICTION LIFE. right. and of course it involves Draco. awwww. haha ok so maybe i’m boasting too much about how i gave him the ‘most difficult choice’ in this entire fanfiction life but you see, i imagined putting myself on the same situation where i am about to put him…. and i couldn’t decide on what to do. it’s really haaaard.

so. what if you met your one true love (your ONE TRUE LOOOVEE) and you came into the super romantic stages of courting blah blah blah. you two were just sooo in love with each other and you, YOU, having a really complicated life thought you can’t live without him. both of you can’t live without each other. and then… news broke to you that you’re experiencing a severe case of schizophrenia (sp?) and you realized that your one true love is just a manifestation of your critically growing psychological illness. now, would you still want to get cured?

the summary is mine! i’m turning that into a story one day. so..