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you betcha, sigmund freud

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i had a semi-good dream last night! this time starring me and a certain friend. nothing much, we just walked… like usual. from class back to the dorm. and i have to credit sigmund freud’s psychoanalytic studies for proposing a definition of a dream which says that our dreams are the fulfillment of unmet desires in reality. sorta kinda true. i missed walking with him. =)

then you know. yesterday we went to church and we passed by this huge tarpaulin in front of sm north edsa annex that shows a full view of the new and improved SM. it was… whoa. i didn’t know it was that good but i can’t quite imagine SM looking that new and glamorous. heck the semicircular space in front of the main building was a good catch but how is it in reality? it’s barred by pink chicken wires. not a good sight, i tell you but as long as safety measures are concerned. sige, pwede na rin.

after church we went to SM to eat but before that we went to the dep’t store first. i bought a white jumper… but i’m going to return it because i figured i don’t have leggings to go with it (it’s a skirt jumper) and it’s too short. blah blah blah.

i found the perfect lipgloss. mehn. i want it! but i still have a nivea lip care thingy (but it’s not glossy it’s more like a balm!) and it would be unfair to dispose it like that. besides, i found it in Skin Food and it’s hell expensive. it’s freakin 575 pesos. reminds me of the lip and cheek tint a body shop staff showed us when they were demonstrating in our school, she (or he coz he looks gay) told us it’s a good catch for 500 bucks, and we we’re like… o.O and ~_- haha. kay nvm.

ok. so i’m so bored. it’s still so early in the morning so nothing much has happened. yet.