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point made

3rd Philippine Blogging Summit
April 13 and 14 at the UP Dilimian College of Economics Auditorium. details here

you can reserve a seat by registering. i plan on joining but i have plans on the said date. haay. anyhow, i’m not really interested with the speakers. what they could possibly say about blogs is already available in the internet. try looking at their agenda (on the site) and you’ll know. but then it’s still a good thing to know from Filipino experts. though seriously, you can just check the net for everything and not waste your time and money on the date. err.. but you know. just support it… come if you want.

bleh. it looks like i’m promoting it and at the same time discouraging you to join. but whatever… just wanna let you know.

how was this day?
oh, really ordinary. i exercised, which is a good thing but it’s boring me already. i’m doing to the same same thing. but hell, i have to be thinner for clothes sake. yeah it’s all for clothes and swimsuits sake. and also for an improved well being! haha. but yes getting thinner, or just the mere thought of you being successful in disciplining yourself and battling your inner procastinator is a good way to bolster up your ego. ooh and it shows in pictures.

point made. i want to get thinner.