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hey it’s been more than 2 weeks since i last drank coffee! would you believe it? lol. i can’t either. i mean, i find it hard to drink in starbucks now that i know mike’s not behind the cash register. lol. but anyway, i plan on indulging this weekend, let’s just hope that my schedule complies ~.^

i’m the only customer here in astra. hahaha. i checked my stats again. i got new referrals from search engines, a couple searching for the backmasked message of pare ko by eraserheads (from yahoo) and a claudine and raymart on extra challenge from search.msn. i don’t remember writing anything about the couple… hmm. anyhow, another search string that could refer my blog is “blessed bucks”. yeah, i do remember sharing about it some time ago.

so really, it’s a good thing to be in blogger because it’s tied up with google. go traffic!

it’s back to normal, i have classes from 7am to 2pm STRAIGHT. uhh, well i have a 15 minute break from 845 to 9 but that doesn’t let me eat breakfast anyway. haaay. it’s ok. i’ll get used to it. no breakfast mornings make me cranky but yeah, i’ll get by with rebisco crackers. and look, we’re almost halfway through the whole month! which means that i was able to inject 3 months worth of lecture in just 2 weeks. amazing! let’s just hope it shows in my grades. my prelabs and postlab suck. grrr…

come on weekend! i’m counting on you!