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come on saturday!

i can’t go to hannah’s birthday. well, i was supposed to but our teacher scheduled our first exam on a saturday morning which means that i’m still stuck here on a friday, which is hannah’s birthday. which gives me only one thing to look forward to this week… saturdaaaay!

yeah! as in i’m going to bring all my stuff in the exam and after that i’ll go directly to the bus terminal then on to megamall! come on, i need a break. i have a really tiresome schedule. i’ve told you before that they resumed our schedule to the original one which starts at 7am. meaning, i can’t anymore spend sunday nights at home! i have to be back here at sunday. sucks. biiiiig time. and wait, i have to bring a lot of things, including that fucking zumdahl book that weighs a lot. and i’m so ashamed to carry it in the mall. yaaak. parang, ok? i’m going mall strolling with a chemistry book. ang adeek talaga. haha but fck i have to make a full report on chemical equilibrium so i need the reference.

anyhow. i’ve realized i’ve grown to appreciate chemistry a lot! i owe this all to prof. dabalos. he does sound like a terror but he taught me to look at things on a chemical basis, which i am so grateful for. kat, july and i are talking like weirdos already, making poems and confessions using chemical principles like, ‘i’m not like other elements who need 8 electrons to be stable. i am a hydrogen atom, i only need one to be complete.’ haha ang corny talaga pero you see the application naman. lol and it’s not just that we also have this, ‘i see you as a force that excites me, an electron on ground state, to a higher energy level. but when you’re gone and you leave me on that state, i become unstable, leaving me with nothing to do but to revert back to a lower level, or much worse… back to the ground state.’ 🙁 hahaha, eh ano baa? corny na kung corny pero madrama talaga ang buhay ng mga electrons.

Vista’s pretty good naman pala. in fact i’m using it right now in spacehub. pretty much like XP din pala. well i just love the themes. they have a ‘ferrari’ theme! awesoooome!