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the previous entry was made in primelink where i paid a freakin 10 pesos for only 15 minutes. e bat ganon? biglang nagmahal? whatever. i don’t like to surf there anymore. kulang sa features! they don’t have y!m (which is like a necessity in every computer node), they don’t have java and macromedia flash installed (meaning no youtube. fck), their media player is not installed as well. >.< the only programs lined up in their start menu are: 02jam, pangya, dotA, flyff, audition at kung ano ano pang games na pang adik. obvious naman diba? i'm the only girl there! i can't blog. ok. tama nang paninira. the more important thing is, i’m here in a better place. haha. not really, but at least they have y!m, i can play neopets, listen to imeem and watch on youtube. hahaha.
anyhow, primelink gave me good enough internet cafe memories. i wouldn’t be called trojan queen in the dorm if not for that blasted internet cafe. and wait, their computer node 1 (which i used last week) is using microsoft vista as its primary OS. i had a really good feel of microsoft’s newest installment on their lineup of operating systems. the interface is really cool, modern and well… just amazing. but just like other people who complain about its lack of compatibility with most common softwares, i have a couple of complaints as well. not a lot since i only have1 hour to navigate through vista…

in vista:
they won’t let me print because like usual, their printer driver isn’t compatible with vista’s yet.
no firefox, no y!m, no flash and java… well on these, it’s not entirely vista’s fault. the computer shop management haven’t installed them yet. wtf. and of course windows default security still sucks. uuhm, oh yeah i had a hard time looking for the right microsoft office programs because their default icons has changed as well. it requires a little getting-used-to to navigate through vista swiftly but then, even though i would say the interface is one of the best i’ve seen and tried, it all comes down to how much it can handle foreign software and programs. it’s not readily compatible with everything, unlike XP so for now, i guess we must still stick to XP until they have made the proper arrangements on this newly released OS.

on the bright side though, there are loads of new features added like a win dvd maker and a win aero (it’s just the improved graphical interface actually ^^;;). oh well, if only they could use Win Aero with XP configuration then i’d most probably switch to vistah!

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