A very personal blog

the good, the bad, and the ugly

my previous summer schedule says this
now it says thisso parang nabaliktad lang naman.

the good: the good thing is i still have breakfast and lunchbreaks. well, that’s the only good thing.

the bad: ugggh. i hate it. why do they have to put the lab before the lecture? that’s like so useless! a lecture pretty much sums up to a prelab! and prelabs are so fucking important and most of the time the ‘key’ to our predated quizes. mehn. i hate my schedule.

and wait.

the ugly: i’m gonna skate with my friends on the 28th! how do i fit that into my schedule? the1st sched is already a big ok-i-think-i-can-handle-that because i have the whole saturday afternoon to spend malling and skatiiiinnng (the only thing hyping me up. that was before). but now… i don’t know what will happen to me.

the least you can do is pray for me that i pass this blasted thing.

lol. i miss mike.