A very personal blog

balik primelink

haha. i’m back at primelink.

i just went to check my stats today.
i realized i’m rank#1 on yahoo when you search ‘opm songs backmasked’
i’m also on some google search feed page when you search ‘penshoppe’
this site can be found in windows search live when you key in ‘ferrari’
in msn search i’m part of the first page when you look for ‘penshoppe stretch pants’

so yeah. what’s saddening is the fact that i just merely mentioned those keywords in my blog and i’m not really supplying enough information on the matter. heck this is a personal blog, what do you expect. hah. couldn’t care much.

i’m excited to go home.
no matter what happens i’m gonna buy new flats and that white musk perfume from body shop (care for an advanced birthday gift?). i was trying to save for the perfume because they have a promo so i get a free moistuzer for every thousand but what happens to my allowance is… well it goes poof! gone. i eat a lot. well, i really need to eat a lot because i’m in a very poor health condition.

chem17 has started. the lecture was boring. the lab… it could be fun, but our first quiz was like ‘whoa. where the hell did that came from?’ i doubt anyone got that blasted question right. and you know what, i’m sooo overusing the word ‘fuck’. not just in this blog. well, i think it’s better than a shet and PI. hahaha. i freak a little when i hear someone curse in Filipino. e kasi mas nakakatakot pakinggan. diba??

i like our first experiment, ‘Flame Test’. coooooll. elements when heated give off a unique trend of colors! they’re just so wonderful to look at. i spilled HCl on my hand and it itched and burned like hell. haha good thing it wasn’t that bad. my lab gown stinks already and i can’t bring it to the laundry because we have lab everyday. hahaha. fun. i’m starting to love chem, seriously. but then again… my brewing passion for chem is inversely proportional to my grades.

very. ironic.