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please take my idea! you'll need this tooooo

good news! our teacher said we’re not going to have classes this day so after my afternoon class yesterday, i hurriedly packed my things to go home. mehn. that was like the best news i’ve heard this week. and you know how much that saved me? i was able to spare 2 meals worth on that, an hour in the internet cafe, a nescafe freeze (that i can’t seem to live without) and a pilot ballpen (lol i was planning to buy a new one because the previous one conked on me). i saved a generous amount of moneeey and i’m so happy!

i also found out another good point with my darned schedule. since my first class on monday is at 9am, it means that i stay in our house on a sunday night and just leave early monday morning. it’s works just fine instead of leaving on a sunday night and spending the night in the dorm… =( it also means i have the WHOLE sunday afternoon to chill, go to the mall and try to at least give myself a tiny break after a whole week of classes. elbi is such a desert, everytime i go out i feel like a skewered slab of pork being grilled raw under the scorching heat. ugggghh.

which led me to this: why don’t we invent umbrellas with fans on it? can you imagine that? when you open your umbrella with a button, it will first strech out to its usual form, only then can you push another button on the crookhandle that will enable the fan to work (this is a safety measure so you don’t accidentally open the fan when the the umbrella is not yet open). it’s the most useful thing i could have this summer! and look, if you have a really big umbrella (of course bigger umbrellas will have bigger fans, thus more AIR!!!) and you’re going to the beach, you can just let it sit on the mat and you’ll have a shade and a fan rolled into one.

if you’re worried about the weight, you shouldn’t because i’m sure our mechanics will have the right solutions to make it really light. and if you’re worrying about your hair getting stuck in the fan, come on.. i can’t just let you die of that would i? of course there’ll be safety parts included, the propellers (which could kill you and cause a rain of blood under the umbrella) will be secured enough not to let even a strand of your hair tangled within. yeah

of course, it’s just an idea! but it’s so possible!!!
tell me it’s amazing. lol

DISCLAIMER: ok. i just realized that i’m not the first first person who thought of this. but IF EVER you got this idea from me first and plan to execute the proper procedures to produce the product, you must ask for my permission first. i’m very generous to people who ask. i might even help you.

lol. i’m not joking. i’m seriously considering having a gadget like that. if it sounds ridiculous to you, tell me so. i’m just proposing it to anyone who would appreciate. i mean, i don’t have the proper skills to produce such thing that’s why i’m posting it here.

hahaha. please be kind.


our lessons were ok. real torture will come on the succeeding weeks where everyday we have a quiz, everyday we pass prelab reports and everyweek we have exams. hmm, exciting. why, i just can’t afford to fail this subject. imagine the feeling of fulfillment when you passed chem17 on you FIRST TIME, in just 1 MONTH. that’s remarkable enough to consider yourself a genius, but then again my only goal is to get on the real schedule along with my regular batchmates. after that, all the next summers are mine. but apparently, that won’t happen until 3 years since i have to fill up the 18 units i’m delayed in. ah, whatever.

yey. i wanna go to the mall!!

*i’m putting this under category: tech because… because it sounds appropriate. does it…?