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mehn. i really hadn't thought of this

how can i be so happy about my 665th post when the next is err.. the 666th. if kat hadn’t reminded me of it, i seriously wouldn’t be fussing over it. hahaha. so this is my 666th post. and no i’m not going to post something radical this day. i just went online because of the aircon. the dorm still stinks. my illness is getting more serious everyday. i can’t stand the smell anymore. i sneeze at average of 10 per day. you think that’s cool? no, that’s hell. last night when i wheezed out for the nth time, my chest contracted painfully. it scared the hell out of me, it reminded me of the fact that you can break a rib just by sneezing and wtf i don’t want that to happen to me.

my sister, uncle and mom should be visiting me here today. you know what… i badly want to go home. just to breathe fresh air. apparently, renovations are ‘in’ this summer. the whole street smells like paint. it feels like a desert. i don’t want to stay here anymore. how am i going to study? the paint could be harmful to my brain. it can impair my vital organs, and i’m staying here for a month. you think the smell of the paint will go away after a month? especially this summer where the increase in temperature critically affects the solidification of the paint mixture on the walls? wtf.

i dreamt of my previous crush last night. hah. it’s the second time already. only, i forgot what happened. but i know it was a nice dream. haha.
gosh. i want to go home already.

arrggghhh, i miss mike. =(